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Become a Signal Provider

How Can I Become A Signal Provider?
Are you an experienced trader with a proven track record? If so, you can become a signal provider with Automated Forex Trade Signals. Our innovative auto-execution trade copier allows signals generated by you to be automatically duplicated in the brokerage accounts of our clients.

When you become a signal provider for Automated Forex Trade Signals (AFTS) you will receive:

  • Full client support from AFTS, allowing you to concentrate on trading
  • Trading system exposure with no additional work on your end
  • Residual Income. 40% of each subscription monthly


  • MT4 live trading account with a minimum balance of 5,000 USD
  • At least 12 weeks of trading history on the account
  • (Smaller live trading account allowed with longer-term history)
  • Drawdown percentage of no more than 20% over the lifetime of the account
  • Net profit of at least 5% over the lifetime of the account

How we calculate your revenue:

Monthly subscription price: $69
40% of subscription price: $27.60
Number of followers: 100
Total monthly earnings: $27.6 X 100 = 2,760 USD

To inquire about becoming a signal provider, contact us using the form below:
(Broker, account number, and read-only password are optional)