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About Automated Forex Trade Signals

Automated Forex Trade Signals (AFTS) was started in late 2013 because there is a need for forex traders to have access to profitable trading strategies that can be executed automatically in their trading accounts. Whether you are not making the sort of profit/gains you had hoped for, or simply don't have time to trade -

The site operators are always in search for consistently profitable traders to add to the AFTS family. The founders of Automated Forex Trade Signals, Michael and David Keysor, have over a decade of experience in the Forex industry including: extensive personal retail trading, managed investment accounts, successful introducing broker operations, and being a main signal provider for a large mirror trading service.

Our Journey

Like we said earlier, David and I have been in the Forex world for over a decade. Our story started out like many people that are trading in the forex market, we stumbled into it. A family friend mentioned the market and we began researching and opened a demo trading account. Our first couple trades made $3000 (trading with $50,000 play money). We thought we had hit the holy grail. We could be millionaires in months! We quickly learned that was not the case.

After blowing up our first trading account, we went back to the drawing board. We started educating ourselves, learning new indicators, taking online courses, and trying new EA's. We'd save up money and throw it into a trading account, just to eventually lose it. Even in the midst of failure, we knew we could eventually figure it out and make money, retire early, and have the time to enjoy life.

Over time we became quite knowledgeable in the industry. We knew what things to look for and what to watch out for. We began to start being successful after a long string of failures (approximately $30,000).

Back in 2012, we were introduced to mirror trading - having a successful trader's trades copied into other's trading accounts. We really liked this idea and went on a search for successful traders and strategies. We traded one of our strategies on a large mirror trading service. We then decided to launch our own - Automated Forex Trade Signals.

Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have. Together, let's achieve your goal of financial success.